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Nullifer Bones - Vocals & Guitar

Candy Bones - Bass

Elder Innerfrost - Guitar

Sepheriar - Drums

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Black Metal OV Northern Italy

Born from the ashes of Abaddon on September 1st 2017, Wraithrest is an extreme metal band from Italy. Their lyrical focus is on the Occult, Paganism & the spiritual world around us.
The founding members are Nullifer & Candy Bones, from the band Spectrum-X

...It all started with a man dressed in rotting cloth, a man that appeared like his flesh was made out of stone. But was it just a dream? I’m not sure anymore... I accepted his gift nonetheless. And then... then there was the tree. Is it a witch that I see trapped in those branches? Is it reaching for something, or pointing at someone? We couldn’t tell. But one thing we knew for sure. We had to write, night after night, obsessed to put into music the blurred visions we had. We had to plug in our rotten instruments and give life (or death).. give death, death to those forgotten notes and screechy , crooked damned sounds. Because if not, we knew for sure... they would have haunted our fucking brains forever. Forever!!!!

Path ov the Raven Debut album released on June 28th 2018

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Newest first

Woven logo patch
Released: June 15th 2019

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Path ov the Raven (Album)
Released: June 28th 2018
Physical and Digital release

- Tracklist -
1. Azazel
2. abyssus abyssum invocat
3. Athame
4. do ut des
5. Mark ov Emptiness
6. Primeval Source
7. Path ov the Raven

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Wraithrest - Path ov the Raven

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Mark Ov Emptiness (SINGLE)
Released: September 1st 2017
Digital only release

- Tracklist -
Mark Ov Emptiness

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Wraithrest - Mark Ov Emptiness

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Dominator (SINGLE)
Released: September 1st 2017
Digital only release

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Wraithrest - Dominator

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Business Email: info@wraithrest.com

Leynir Booking: leynirbooking@libero.it

Direct Booking: info@wraithrest.com

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